• 2005.07
    Kemao estimated in Shanghai.
  • 2006.04
    KEMAO build 100,000 grade Clean Room- workshop upon GMP standard
    Started to producing Aluminum blister Foil.
  • 2007.05
    KEMAO Awarded ISO9001:2000 and renewed it as ISO9001-2008
  • 2007.07
    KEMAO developed Corrugated Aluminum foil as the first one in China.
  • 2008.04
    KEMAO developed NON-STICK FOIL, We’re the first one and the leading manufacturer of Non Stick Foil in China until now.
  • 2009.06
    KEMAO developed Aluminum foil for Processed Cheese. We’re the first one and the leading manufacturer of Cheese foil wrapping in China until now.
  • 2010.07
    developed Heater Aluminum foil , mainly exporting to Japanese Market now.
  • 2011.11
    Increased two production lines.
  • 2013.6
    KEMAO established cooperation with Japanese ITOCHU Corporation.
  • 2014.5
    KEMAO established cooperation with Reynolds Canada.
  • 2016.11
    KEMAO invested the new environmental cleaning equipment.
  • 2017.5
    KEMAO developed Antibacterial aluminum foil
  • 2017.8
    KEMAO started to offer Aluminum foil to Miaojie ( the biggest supplier of daily necessities in China).
  • 2018.12
    KEMAO renewed ISO as Awarded ISO15378 (GMP)
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