Quality Policy : “Quality is the cornerstone of KEMAO’s Survival and the reason why customers choose Kemao “

In order to keep the stability of the quality, share the responsibility of the social environment KEMAO always follows :
●All participate to improve the quality and Environmental management system.
●Improve the quality of products, ensure safety of the products,, increase the satisfaction of customers.
●Improve the production efficiency, prevent the pollution; save the energy . Control the waste and try best to recycle
●Observe the law and other necessary requirements.

The quality system passed ISO 9001 Certification.

  • KEMAO improved the pollution solution equipment in 2017 to share the responsibility of the social environment
    Strict quality management system leads to high quality products
    • Material Purchase Channel strictly control
    • Raw Material Inspection
    • Printing
    • Coating
    Inspection on production process and testing for semi-products
    • Semi-Products
    • Slitting process
    • Slitting Process Inspection
    • Finished Products Inspection
    • Crate Pack
    • Storage
    • Container loading and shipment
    Product Catalog